IML-IP v0.1.0 release

ALMA and eProsima are happy to announce the first release of the AML Integrating Platform (AML-IP), the platform that allows for easy Algebraic Machine Learning (AML) node communication.

Build an intelligent distributed system in ROS 2

Learn how to build Intelligent Distributed Systems in ROS2 using AML-IP for Cloud Model Serving to Edge Robots with this presentation delivered by Raúl Sánchez-Mateos.

AML IP Workload Distribution Scenario

The AML-IP tool can be used to parallelize complex computational tasks, deploying it locally, remotely, or even at the same time. Keep reading to discover how!

AML & ALMA Project overview

ALMA is a EU-funded project aimed at leveraging Algebraic Machine Learning (AML) properties to develop a new generation of interactive, human-centric machine learning systems.

Algebraic AI at Conexion AIHUB-Industria

ALMA was represented by Algebraic AI at Conexión AIHUB-Industria, an event organized by the CSIC (Spanish National Research Council) for companies and researchers to discuss, promote and consolidate public-private collaboration in R&D&I in artificial intelligence.

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