Algebraic AI at Conexion AIHUB-Industria

ALMA was represented by Algebraic AI at Conexión AIHUB-Industria, an event organized by the CSIC (Spanish National Research Council) for companies and researchers to discuss, promote and consolidate public-private collaboration in R&D&I in artificial intelligence.


The event brought together more than 80 AI experts who had the opportunity to enjoy 20 talks about successful cases of collaborations between CSIC centers and private companies, delivered by companies such as Algebraic AI, GMV and Huawei among others. Several CSIC researchers also had the chance to present their work in collaborative lines of research in the areas of Machine Learning, Edge and Neuromorphic Computing, Cognitive Models, Multiagent Systems and Combinatorial Optimization, and Sustainable Hardware.

In this context, Algebraic AI, member of the ALMA consortium, delivered a talk to introduce the audience of Conexión AIHUB-Industria 2023 to the topic of Algebraic Machine Learning (AML) and the the ALMA project, providing insights on how AML can avoid most problems of statistical learning through abstract algebra.


Conexion AIHUB-Industria attendees

Conexión AIHUB-Industria 2023 was held in Madrid on February 22, 2023.


You can find more information on the whole event at the event website here.



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