Public deliverables 


D8.10 Data Management Plan - Initial



D1.1 Overall Architecture Definition - Initial

D3.1 AML DL Specification - Initial
D3.8 AML-DL Consistency checker - Initial M9

D5.1 Sensor based context and activity recognition methods based on AML - Initial 
D5.4 AML based world model - Initial

D6.1 AML-IP Implementation - Initial



D1.2 Overall architecture definition - Revised M18

D2.1 AML Theorems

D3.12 Analysis of algorithmic characteristics and hardware architecture templates - Initial
D3.2 AML-DL Specification - Revised M18
D3.5 AML-DL Interpreter - Initial

D4.1 Human-AML Interaction - Initial
D4.4 Interaction Paradigm Methodology - Initial
D4.7 Working Prototype and Design - Initial

D5.2 Sensor based context and activity recognition methods based on AML - Revised
D5.5 AML based world models - Revised

D6.2 AML-IP implementation - Revised M18

D8.1 Report on Communication and Dissemination - M18
D8.4 Report on Collaboration - M18
D8.7 Exploitation and Outlook Plan - M18



D5.8 AML based world models - Final



Fernando Martin Maroto, Gonzalo G. de Polavieja. Finite Atomized semilattices. arXiv preprint, February 2021. PDF. Entry at arXiv.

Fernando Martin Maroto, Gonzalo G. de Polavieja. Semantic Embeddings in semilattices. arXiv preprint, March 2022. PDF. Entry at arXiv.

Fernando Martin Maroto, Gonzalo G. de Polavieja. Algebraic Machine Learning: learning by the extraction of stable components in the freest model. arXiv preprint, June 2022.

Stephen Fox. Psychomotor predictive processing. Entropy, 23(7), 806, June 2021. PDF. Entry at MPDI.

Stephen Fox. Behavioral ethics ecologies of human-artificial intelligence systems. Behavioral Sciences, 12(4), 103, April 2022. PDF. Entry at MPDI

Stephen Fox. Practical implications from distinguishing between Pearl blankets and Friston blankets. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 45, E194 September 2022.

Stephen Fox. Human-artificial intelligence systems: How human survival first principles influence machine learning world models. Systems, December 2022, 10(6), 260.

Koch, J., & Fortes Rey, V. Combining Human-centred Explainability and Explainable AI. ACM CHI Workshop Human-Centered Perspectives in Explainable AI, 1–6, May 2022. Pending publication


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