Public deliverables 


D8.10 Data Management Plan - Initial



D1.1 Overall Architecture Definition - Initial

D3.1 AML DL Specification - Initial
D3.8 AML-DL Consistency checker - Initial M9

D5.1 Sensor based context and activity recognition methods based on AML - Initial 
D5.4 AML based world model - Initial

D6.1 AML-IP Implementation - Initial



D1.2 Overall architecture definition - Revised M18

D2.1 AML Theorems

D3.12 Analysis of algorithmic characteristics and hardware architecture templates - Initial
D3.2 AML-DL Specification - Revised M18
D3.5 AML-DL Interpreter - Initial

D4.1 Human-AML Interaction - Initial
D4.4 Interaction Paradigm Methodology - Initial
D4.7 Working Prototype and Design - Initial

D5.2 Sensor based context and activity recognition methods based on AML - Revised
D5.5 AML based world models - Revised

D6.2 AML-IP implementation - Revised M18

D8.1 Report on Communication and Dissemination - M18
D8.4 Report on Collaboration - M18
D8.7 Exploitation and Outlook Plan - M18



D5.8 AML based world models - Final



D1.3 Overall Architecture Definition Revised M36 -- Summary

D2.2 AML Theorems II -- Summary
D2.3 Complete foundations -- Summary

D3.3 AML DL Specification Revised M36 -- Summary
D3.6 AML DL Interpreter Revised M36 -- Summary
D3.9 AML DL Consistenty Checker Final -- Summary
D3.10 AML DL Debugger Initial -- Summary
D3.13 Analysis of algorithmic characteristics and hardware architecture templates Final -- Summary
D3.14 AML accelerator prototype implementation Initial -- Summary

D4.2 Human AML Interaction Revised -- Summary
D4.5 Interaction Paradigm Methodology Revised -- Summary
D4.8 Working Prototype and Designs Revised -- Summary

D5.6 Embedding of ethics and cultural concerns into AML-based world models Initial -- Summary

D6.3 AML IP Implementation Revised -- Summary

D7.1 Image Classification, use case results, using AML and Human Interaction -- Summary
D7.5 Design of the benchmark tested for robotized ironing and garment folding Initial -- Summary

D8.2 Report on Communication and Dissemination M36 -- Summary
D8.5 Report on Collaboration M36 -- Summary
D8.8 Exploitation and Outlook Plan M36 -- Summary



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